Brabandere / BJ's Camaraderie

ABV: 8.0

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Camaraderie represents the first collaboration beer ever brewed by the brewers at Bavik or BJ's. The planning began nearly a year before brewing this beer together at Bavik.

The common goal was to create a unique blend of classic Belgian and American beer styles. BJ's brewers were envious of Bavik's expertise in traditional Flemish sour beers and classic Belgian styles like Tripel. Bavik's brewers had never brewed with American hops and were eager to do so. It didn't take long before both brewing teams saw eye to eye on the formula for their collaboration. The camaraderie between all the brewers made this beer as much fun to create as it is to drink.

We hope you agree that the end result of this Belgian-American collaboration is a unique and exceptional beer.